About Me

Director. Storyteller. 
It was the 1988 when I started to share a room with someone else. They weren't my parents. I'm talking before that. In the uterus.
I had company in there, a person like me. Same eyes, same nose, same heigh, same everything: a twin.
Growing up, in Disneyland, I found out that some places can take you away from the rest of the world. I was in love for the first time with something I didn't know how to call. But children don't need to have a word for everything, so I just enjoyed the emotion.
Time passes: football matches, summer camps, grandpa's forniture, dad's botanic tips, mum's fake shark on the floor while she was washing it, Judo training, hen chase, guitar lessons, hospitals, out of tune campfire songs, first kiss, second, third, and go on until she left me, long hair, another girl, wrong meaning to the word love, school trips, first embarrassing time under the sheet, boyband, after school cinema project, my name on the label as the first diploma oral exam (randomly choose by myself), alone again, stand up nights, first job, second shitty job, third f******g shitty job, flight to Wales. (Actually flight to Liverpool then take a car to Wales).
The cold air, the rain, a little village in the center of nowhere, drama school, three lovely children, a girlfriend in Rome, missing home and 17520 hours spent in there awoken my brain and there it came: the idea to put a feet into the motion world.
I came back in Italy, Milan, Via Tortona, (I don't remember the number, but I don't live there anymore, so doesn't matter), sharing a room with the same person I shared all my life: guess who?...him! Not my imaginary friend, I meant my brother.
I started to study at the Sae Institute, and work at Telembardia (in the aquarium) and in a film company as editor (this was a bunker). Good start isn't it?
Once my study were over I moved in a film company and spend four years working in everything was needed: pre-production, post-production, under-production, over-production, all-kind-of-production.
I liked it, I liked that job, I liked the people I worked with.
I even learn how to dance in the club with them. How could't I liked them?
I started to direct some project in there; in the company, not in the club.
After a while I felt that my way to be a director was to be free. 
I left them, called an accountant, get my VAT, and start a journey again.
You read only my past, but my mind has to stop to go there.
I feel quite lucky. I usually think how to improve my future, what should be the next step and I don't like when people stop in their memories and start to live into them.
Now you'd like to know what I want for my future, what i'm planning for it. 
But, look into a black space into your display. What do you see? 
Yes, those are your eyes. Would you believe to some of my dreams looking at your eyes and not at mine? Maybe yes, but I prefer to talk about that knowing that you look into my eyes. 
There is just one thing I can tell you: when I spend time to plan my future I want to be sure that i'm planning something intriguing otherwise I feel to lose my time.


Rome Web Award

Io non sclero - Best Drama

Io non sclero - Best Drama Screenplay

Io non sclero - Best Romantic scene

Io non sclero - Best Episode

Ariano International Film festival

Io non sclero - Best Web Series


Shining Elements in Honk Kong - Special Event